The Community

East Village is one of London’s newest neighbourhoods and we hope that residents get to know each other and enjoy living here.

Join the Yonder community
Yonder is an online forum for the communities surrounding the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and is now our chosen social media community channel, replacing our Facebook page.

Yonder provides a platform for residents, community ventures and local businesses to connect with each other and share knowledge. Topics covered include Arts & Culture, Sports & Fitness, Careers & Training and Community. It’s a brilliant place to meet like-minded neighbours, learn about community events and find out about special offers from local retailers.

Get involved!

Fancy learning something new, accessing some help and meeting new neighbours? Echo is an Economy of Hours: a marketplace without the money. Members buy and sell their skills, services and resources, using a currency called Echoes. The exchange rate couldn’t be easier: 1 hour = 1 Echo. Find out more about Echo and their local E20 events on their website: 

E20 Football Academy

If your son or daughter is aged between 6—16 and lives in East Village don’t forget that the E20 Football Academy offers free football development sessions every Sunday at the Chobham Academy sports pitches.

10am: 6 – 11 years
11am: 12 – 16 years

You can email for more details.

Neighbourhood Watch
The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park police team are looking for people who might be interested in starting or helping to start a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in the East Village. The aim is to create a safe and friendly environment for everyone who lives here.

If you want to find out more information about how the scheme works visit If you are interested in getting involved please contact Nicola Baker on or 07843065871 for more details.

A healthy community
The ENABLE London Study is examining how where we live affects our health and physical activity patterns. A key purpose is to improve the future design of housing, so that we live healthier lives. A team from St George’s University is carrying out the research with funding from the UK Medical Research Council. Residents at East Village are invited to take part in the research, which involves tracking your activity for a few days. Shopping vouchers are on offer for everyone who takes part and all the data is strictly confidential. If you want to know more about the study, please ring  020 8725 5565 or visit the website at:

Lots of facilities
Living at East Village means you have a lot of different facilities to choose from.