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The Exchange is granted over £4,000August 9, 2021

The Exchange has received a grant of £4,500 to develop themselves further and help more members of the East Village Community. The Exchange, formerly known as the East Village Foodbank was founded back in July 2020. Their existence and ongoing work has been a vital part of the COVID-19 emergency support for the local community. Read the full article...

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East Village BeesAugust 9, 2021

The East Village Bees have turned out to be a tough bunch. After sadly losing a colony back in winter, have bounced back and we now have around 60,000 bees producing lots of honey. Many of the retailers in East Village have placed an order already making it a sustainable project. We had the first Read the full article...

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Youth Activities Chobham Academy mentoring programAugust 9, 2021

Our Community Team has teamed up with the award winning charity XLP to continue to support young people from Chobham Academy. The team run weekly mentoring sessions in the school through qualified counsellor, Esana Isori. Withing the community there is a problem with low school attendance among young people. Our programme aims to empower young Read the full article...

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Government Fire Safety Bill becomes lawApril 30, 2021

On 29 April 2021, the government’s Fire Safety Bill became law. The passing of this bill means that building owners or managers of multi-occupied residential buildings must conduct a fire risk assessment for each building and take steps to reduce the risk of fire spreading. As a responsible landlord, Triathlon Homes has already taken several Read the full article...

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Leaseholders and freedom of speechJanuary 21, 2021

We have received a letter from MHCLG in relation to the Private Sector Cladding Remediation Fund confidentiality clause. This letter makes it clear that there is nothing in the agreements signed between Triathlon Homes and MHCLG or the GLA which curtails the freedom of applicants, nor of individual leaseholders, to comment on building safety matters. Read the full article...

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Updated Q&A on East Village Fire Safety WorksJanuary 19, 2021

We have recently received a number of questions from residents regarding the ongoing inspection and remedial activity taking place at East Village. Here, you can view an updated Q&A document which answers many of the questions that we are regularly asked.

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