New payment reference numbers

We’ve recently written to most of our customers with new payment reference numbers for each account.

From 13 April 2021, whenever you make a payment to Triathlon Homes using a credit or debit card on the phone or via our website you’ll need to use your new reference number. (This system is managed by Southern Housing Group)

This is because we’re changing our payment services provider from AllPay to Pay360.

How can I make payments?

If you currently pay by

  • Credit or Debit card online or on the phone then you will need your new payment reference number to continue doing so
  • Direct debit then you don’t need to make any changes. We’ll take care of things behind the scenes to make sure the money goes to the right place.
  • The AllPay app you can continue to do so. We will be transferring to a new app in the future but we’ll let you know when that’s happening.
  • Paying in person at a shop/post office continue to use your AllPay payment card and account for the moment. We’ll send you out a new card later in the year when we switch over to the Pay360 system.