The Exchange has received a grant of £4,500 to develop themselves further and help more members of the East Village Community. The Exchange, formerly known as the East Village Foodbank was founded back in July 2020.

Their existence and ongoing work has been a vital part of the COVID-19 emergency support for the local community.

An inspired group of 22 volunteers including Chobham Academy students have worked hard, giving up their own time to help the core team over the past nine months. Thirteen of those have given 23 hours each week to ensure that The Exchange is moving in the right direction.

Altogether, we have vastly exceeded the original projection of reaching and helping 35 different beneficiaries. With an increase in the demand and the timeframe in which to work, the work the team has impacted nearly 10 times the amount of people they thought they would.

This project has been impactful and effective, and the additional funding has been well earned.

The Exchange has been able to reach and support over 300 people / 104 local households who have received over 820 packages of essential toiletries and food.