Laura: “Our old house was tiny – we were desperate to move somewhere the kids could have their own room.”

David: “I said to myself, ‘I want one of those flats’ and now I do.”

Laura, lives with her husband David, and young son Jordan, 6. The couple are expecting another baby this month.

David was born and bred in Bow whilst Laura is from Brighton, and after stints abroad they have always come back to East London. David first saw East Village as a freelancer for ITN during the Olympics when it was still athletes’ accommodation: “I said to myself, ‘I want one of those flats’ and now I do.”

Laura is a professional singer performing under the name Ashleigh K and David now works at Harrods department store. One thing the parents have noticed is just how happy Jordan is in his new home. As Laura says, “There’s much more outdoor space for him to play in and he’s made so many new friends here.  There’s a real sense of community and it’s getting tighter all the time. It also feels really aspirational.  It seems like, as with us, lots of people have moved here for a fresh start, and to improve their lives.”